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IN-HOME DESIGN consultation

This isn't some impersonal, standard Consultation.

The Agenda belongs to you—bring to the table any topic, set of Plans, material selections or

design dilemma you’d like to discuss and we'll give you our full attention for 3 hours (with a few essential coffee and donut breaks in between).

We'll set you on the right track to kick off your Project with a clear cut plan to meet your objectives and maximise your investment.

We come to you, so you can be comfortable in your space, to plan the Home of your dreams.


Drop us a line here to book an In-Home Consultation with one of our Talented Designers, at a time that works for you. 

First step - REACH OUT!


You'll have exclusive access to one of our Design Team to talk through any aspect of your Project you choose.


Ensure you have as much reference material available as possible for us to sift through, review, discuss and make recommendations on. This includes Existing Plans, Proposed Plans, Selections, Specifications, Pinterest Boards, Inspirational Imagery, Sketches, Samples - give us all you got!


By the time we're done, you'll feel clearer, confident, excited, full of value and determined to zone in on your objectives and maximise your investment in your Project.

I'm in!

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